Spidey Mask Series


The Spidey Mask Series from Iceekoo is a creatively designed superhero-themed mask, notable for its remote-controlled, winking eyes feature. It’s crafted for comfort and style, with a design that allows clear vision and is made from lightweight ABS and fabric, ensuring breathability. This mask is suitable for various head sizes and is a fun addition for cosplay or themed events, powered by a USB-charged remote control.

Key Features:

  • Remote-controlled winking eyes
  • Clear vision with precision-cut design
  • Lightweight and breathable, made from ABS and fabric
  • Suitable for head circumferences up to 62 cm
  • USB-charged remote control
  • Ideal for cosplay and themed events

For more information, visit the Iceekoo website.

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🕷️ Be Your Superhero

🕷️ Remote-Controlled Eyes

🕷️ Precision-Cut Design For Clear Vision

🕷️ Comfortable & Ventilated Fabric

🕷️ Perfect Gift For Every Season


The SPIDEYWINKER Mask is your ticket to becoming your favorite Spidey. Control its winking feature effortlessly using either your chin or the included remote control, adding authenticity to your superhero persona.

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The SPIDEYWINKER Mask remote-controlled eyes make operation easy. By pressing a button, you can activate the winking feature and dive into your Spidey adventure without inconvenience.


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The SPIDEYWINKER Mask fuses excitement with excellent visibility. Its precision design guarantees crystal-clear vision, making it a perfect fit for any superhero journey or creative play.

Material: ABS + Fabric

Weight: 1.5 lb

Packaging Dimensions: 11.6x8x7.3 inches

*Suitable for head circumference up to 62cm, which is approximately 24.41 inches

【Remote】 Control: The remote control is in the form of a ring, and all four buttons on the remote control can be used to control the opening and closing of the eyes (both eyes can be opened or closed individually or simultaneously). This model does not require battery installation and is charged using a USB plug.