Night Operators PRO


Step into the world of enhanced night vision with the Night Operators PRO. This cutting-edge gear, priced at a fraction of the usual cost, revolutionizes night-time activities. Whether it’s for tactical operations or nocturnal adventures, the PRO’s swift IR modes and helmet compatibility ensure you’re always ready. Its compact design, combined with a powerful battery, offers both convenience and reliability. Embrace the night like never before with Night Operators PRO, your gateway to unseen realms in the dark.

  • Battery Life: 1.5-2 hours, supports charging on the go
  • Helmet Compatibility: Can be mounted on helmets with separate helmet mount
  • Vision Modes: IR ON and IR OFF modes, less than 0.01s video delay
  • Special Features: Affordable, rechargeable, suitable for various activities
  • Focal Lens Zoom: 1x, ideal for indoor and close-range use

For more information, visit the Night Operators PRO product page.

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